Ahmadreza Ahmadi, A Man Who Is Not Like His Poems

Ahmadreza Ahmadi, A Man Who Is Not Like His Poems

Nasser Saffarian’s A Good Time for Tragedy (Vaght-e Khoob-e Masaeb) and Care for Me, Lady! (Banoo Mara Daryab!) are two often-overlooked documentaries that showcase the life and work of Ahmadreza Ahmadi, an Iranian poet and prominent figure in Iran’s New Wave Poetry movement. In these documentaries, Saffarian weaves images; poetry; and interviews with family, friends, artists, critics, and filmmakers together into stunning cinematic works. Most importantly, by using original recordings of Ahmadi reciting his poems and giving readings and talks, Saffarian creates an intimate portrait of this remarkable poet and provides the audience with an exceptionally emotional experience. The modest, unique form of Ahmadi's poetry conceals a sharp mind and a wonderfully generous heart. Both documentaries are nothing less than cinematic poetry, each taking a vibrant and sensitive look at life, love, and death.

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Ahmadreza Ahmadi, A Man Who Is Not Like His Poems
  • A Good Time For Tragedy

    وقتِ خوبِ مصائب
    Directed by Nasser Saffarian • 2006 • Iran
    Tribute documentary by Nasser Saffarian about influential poet and screenwriter Ahmadreza Ahmadi, the leading figure in Iran's New Wave Poetry movement. As Ahmadi provides insights into his life, the importance of knowing himself and his ...

  • Care For Me, Lady!

    بانو مرا دریاب
    Directed by Nasser Saffarian • 2010 • Iran
    'Care For Me Lady' focuses on the life of Ahmad Reza Ahmadi, one of the greatest poets of the New Wave in Iranian poetry. His distinctly unusual and surreal style is easily recognizable, setting him apart from his peers. Nasser Saffarian's...