Festival Selections: Asia Pacific Screen Awards

Festival Selections: Asia Pacific Screen Awards

Festival Selections:
Asia Pacific Screen Awards

In its new program in partnership with the Asia Pacific Screen Awards, Docunight will showcase four outstanding documentaries by Iranian filmmakers. The Asia Pacific Screen Awards celebrates cinema and filmmaking in the Asia Pacific region and promotes these outstanding films to a global audience. The initiative has brought a great deal of attention to Iranian cinema in the last decade.

Our new program features four Iranian documentaries, all of which have been awarded prizes at APSA: The Lost Land (Vahid Mousaian, 2006), Tinar (Mahdi Moniri, 2009), Amin (Shahin Parhami, 2010), and The Unseen (Behzad Nalbandi, 2019). These films bring to light extraordinarily candid subject matter and provide an alluring window into the creative processes of these inspiring directors, whose works have the remarkable effect of changing viewpoints and misconceptions.

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Festival Selections: Asia Pacific Screen Awards
  • The Unseen

    Directed by Behzad Nalbandi • 2019 • Iran
    During the times when Tehran hosts foreign dignitaries, the local authorities clean up Tehran’s urban image through an ‘urban beautification’ process which includes the rounding up of unsavory characters from the city streets; i.e. drug addict...

  • Amin

    Directed by Shahin Parhami • 2011 • Iran
    Amin is the story of an ancient musical tradition and one man’s struggle to preserve it. It is told using a unique approach to documentary storytelling that challenges the boundaries of fiction and reality. Amin Aghaie is a young modern nomad from the...

  • Tinar

    Directed by Mahdi Moniri • 2009 • Iran
    A child in the southern forests of Babol has to protect his flock without any help. Desperately lonely, he endures harsh winters and physical hardships, while dreaming of a different future.

  • The Lost Land

    سرزمین گمشده
    Directed by Vahid Mousaian • 2007 • Iran
    This documentary film is about the political and social events that happened after 1941 that caused the ‘North Neighbour Country’ to penetrate into Iran, forcing some generations to immigrate and live in the camps of Siberia.