Baktash Abtin

Baktash Abtin, a human rights defender, film director and a member of the Iranian Writers' Association (IWA) was born in 1974 in Tehran. After graduating from high school at the age of 19, he became interested in poetry and in a short time he succeeded to publish 3 poetry books. Due to his interest in poetry and literature he became familiar with cinema and entered its world by writing a script and playing in a TV movie. Abtin directed his first documentary called "The Solar Eclipse" in 2005. He has made many documentaries and short films. He was arrested 2 years ago for defending freedom of speech and since then he is in prison.
Among his films are "The Solar Eclipse" (Documentary, 42 min, 2005), "The Sand Jar" (Documentary, 30 min, 2006), "The Sleep Penetration" (Documentary, 20 min, 2007), "Mika" (Short Film, 30 min, 2007), "The Near Dream" (Documentary, 50 min, 2008), ...

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  • Park Mark

    پارک مارک
    Directed by Baktash Abtin • 2009 • Iran
    "Mark" is a homeless drug addict who is living on the streets of Tehran, stealing from donation boxes and sleeping in the "Parks". He shares such an interesting and attractive account of himself from his past as a drug dealer, a husband, a father...