Davood Afshari

Davood Ashrafi born in 1981 is an independent filmmaker and cinematographer based in Tehran and Rasht. A graduate of Cinema from The University of Art and a member of Khane Cinema, He worked for years in feature films such as The Two-Legged Horse, Samira Makhmalbaf and Tehran, Tehran, Dariush Mehrjui, as camera assistant. He has been making films since the early years at university and attended Abbas Kisrostami filmmaking master-class. Along with four of his contemporaries, he found Rush Filmworks in 2010 as a platform to facilitate the production of independent films. He is interested in the intersection between documentary and fiction film and in his work is always looking for ways to draw different relationships between the moving image and the narrative unfolding. His Documentary film The Story of Boulevard is about one of Tehran’s important streets, in effect a line-up of histories, events and narratives of the place and its deep rooted desires and contradictions, a course that makes Boulevard a collective belonging. The film received the “Honar-o-Tajrobeh” award at the 11th Cinema Verite Festival at Tehran. He is currently working on a fiction film, it’s plot too evolves in Tehran and refers to a favourite Film Farsi. His films include, Anzal Fish, 1999- The City of Rain Sings, 2002- The House that was My Home,2006- Full Chromatic 2011- Alphabetical, Unalphabetical, 2013- Mr. Library 2014- Plain Red 2015- The Story of Boulevard, 2017-2018- Roots and Stones, 2018

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  • The Story of Boulevard

    قصه بولوار
    Directed by Davood Afshari • 2017 • Iran
    The Story of Boulevard is a documentary about Keshavarz Boulevard, one of Tehran’s important streets, The film is in effect a line-up of histories, events and narratives of the place and it’s deep rooted desires and contradictions waxing and wan...