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  • Snowy Roofs

    In my land many women live in difficulty and loneliness. This film narrates glimpses of three of these women’s life.

  • Torgheh

    Four Iranian country women from northern Khorasan, who play doetar and sing, encounter life's challenges. Although they face several social problems they have a common passion, to release their pain through music. Even though they suffer many social prejudice and segregation on a daily basis the ...

  • Double Feature: Eye of the Tiger

    2 videos

  • No Place for Angels

    جایی برای فرشته‌ها نیست
    Directed by Sam Kalantari • 2020 • Iran
    The Iranian national women's inline hockey team prepare to compete in South Korea. Throughout the film, these women struggle with their greatest fears and become stronger as they begin to believe in themselves and rely on the skills ...

  • Platform

    صفر تا سکو
    Directed by Sahar Mosayebi • 2021 • Iran
    A Rocky-esque tale of determination and grit, Platform follows of three Iranian sisters as they compete to become international champions of Wushu, a Chinese martial art. The sisters thrilling underdog story explores not only their dedicated tra...

  • Of Kings and Paintings


  • Narrow Red Line

    خط باریک قرمز
    Directed by Farzad Khoshdast • 2020 • Iran
    In a bleak Iranian Juvenile Rehabilitation and Correction Centre, a group of teenage delinquents and juvenile defenders decide to put on a stage show that will allow them to leave the prison for a day. With the help of professional actors F...

  • The Unfinished Childhood


  • Nasser Saffarian

    11 videos

    Saffarian’s method of documentary filmmaking alternates between a poetic style and a more reflexive style. Those that are poetic contemplate love, loss, life, and pleasure through the use of poetry, music, and, in a few instances, politics. It is evident that he not only aims to showcase a partic...

  • Double Feature: We're here, We're Queer

    2 videos

  • Only Voice Remains

    تنها صدا است که می ماند
    Directed by Makez Rikweda and Sol Rikweda • 2019 • UK
    Only Voice Remains tells the story of Iranian poet Forough Farrokhzad whose confessional works and daring personal life broke barriers of sex and society - and in the process, redefined what it takes to be a great arti...

  • Double Feature: Working Women

    2 videos

  • A Brief Peace

    شهر خاموشان
    Directed by Ata Hayati • 2004 • Iran
    Contrary to the Westerners who want to prolong their life, for the Orientals and specially the Muslims, death is the beginning of a new life which they embrace.
    At least once a week, the people of Tehran go the biggest cemetery in their town (Behes...

  • Touran Khanom
    Movie + 1 extra

    Touran Khanom

    Movie + 1 extra

  • Rakhshan Banietemad

    8 videos

    Rakhshan Banietemad, born in 1954 Tehran, began to make documentaries for the Iranian National Television in 1979, right after graduating from the University of Dramatic Arts, Tehran. From 1979 to 1987 she focused on making only documentaries. In 1987, she directed her first feature film Off the ...

  • Mojtaba Mirtahmasb

    6 videos

    Mojtaba Mirtahmasb is one of the most renowned Iranian documentary filmmakers. He started filmmaking in 1990, after admission to the University of Tehran where he received a BA in Handicrafts from the School of Art. He has conducted research, scriptwriting, directing and producing for nearly 40 d...

  • Shahin Parhami

    7 videos

    Iranian-Canadian documentarian, writer, and cinematographer Shahin Parhami’s visual style and creative experimentation came together to create heartfelt documentaries. His interest and experiments in poetry, painting, and music were beautifully displayed in his films. He presented each of his sub...