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  • About Father, About Death

    The filmmaker has lost his father whose personal belongings make the filmmaker reflect on the nature of death.

  • The Most Beautiful Country in the World

    The film follows a group of young migrants in Vienna who break through the administrative labyrinths of checkings and gaining status and residence. We see their anxieties, mutual encouragement and achievements - while mastering the foreign language, they demonstrate skills in their professions, c...

  • Kamran Shirdel

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    Kamran Shirdel was born in 1939 and studied first architecture and then film at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome. After graduating in 1964, Shirdel returned to Tehran and joined a group of film-makers producing documentaries for the Ministry of Culture. Over the next few years, S...

  • Pride Month

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  • Winners

    This documentary is about immigration via winning United States Green Card Lottery. We go to two lucky Iranian winners, Shahriyar and Shahab, from two different generations in today’s Iran. Although the goal of both of them is immigration, their life conditions and their perspectives are totally ...

  • Double Feature: Limbo

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  • Sepideh Farsi

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  • Mother's day

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  • Double Feature: Guitar Heroes

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  • Docunight Perspectives: Afghanistan

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