Haide Moradi

Haide Moradi Born in 1974 in Ardabil province
Studied directory at Soore university of Tehran
Fiction films:
"Read with me" , "Nighil" , "alarm clock" , "second" , "village stories" and "Lachak".
Documentary films:
"Snowy roofs" , "Empty Frames" ، Snow roads ،
Writing the serial scripts of:
- "Darzi Khane" for Ardebil center
- "city of signs" for provinces medias
- "Saray" for Tabriz television
Rewarded from national and international film festivals:
Statue of the Golden Butterfly from international child film festival of Isfahan for fiction film of "Lachak" at 2013
The statue of best clip from national youth festival for "separation" at 2011
The statue of best script from script writing festival of art center for the script of "Lachak" at 2011
The appreciation of the best custom designer from international film festival of fajr for " Lachak" at 2014
Best script fron province festival for "Lachak" 2013
Best film from the juries point of view for "Lachak"2013
Best project from the international short film festival for "snowy roofs" at 2015
Best film in short section of international cinema haghighat festival for "snowy roofs" 2015
The statue of the best director from Hassanat national film festival for " snowy Roofs" 2015
The statue of best documentary from national festival of resistance economy for "snowy roofs" at 2014
The statue of best director from 18th cinema house celebrity for " snowy roofs" at 2016
The statue of best film from Italia today religious festival for "snowy roofs" at 2016
The statue of best film from turkey silk road festival for snowy road at 2016

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  • Snowy Roofs

    بام های برفی
    Directed by Haide Moradi • 2016 • Iran
    In my land many women live in difficulty and loneliness. This film narrates glimpses of three of these women’s life.

  • Snowy Roads

    جاده های برفی
    Directed by Haide Moradi • 2018 • Iran
    Ardabil is one of border villages in Iran that discrimination between boys and girls in the culture of families and education system of the country can be seen obviously. Among 1855 villages of this province only 224 villages have secondary sch...

  • Empty Frames

    فریم های خالی
    Directed by Haide Moradi • 2016 • Iran
    Cinema is a dream or a reality? Can the most expressive language of the time be considered as a dream? Is the most attractive art of all time, with thousands of heartbroken lovers and mystics, a reality?