Hamed Alizadeh

Hamed was director of Afghanistan Documentary Filmmakers Organization /Ateliers Varan Kabul (ADFO). He was trained by EURODOC Program in 2013. He lives in Sweden since 2014.

2016: Republiken Herrskog
2014: Theater of Oppressed
2013: The Memory Box
2012: Afsanah
2011: Check Point & Afghan Business Woman
 2010: LES CHIENS – SAG HÂ & A Time Called Oldness
2009: Kabul Mission Impossible & Birth
2007: Another way

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  • The Republic of Herrskog

    جمهوری هرسکوگ
    Directed by Hamed Alizadeh • 2016 • Sweden
    With the explosion of the refugee crisis in Europe, small vulnerable refugee communities have emerged on the fringes of the big cities in Sweden. Herrskog hosts one such small colony of refugees of different nationalities. Stefan Lindquist ...