Hamid Jafari

Born in 1971 in Mahshahr, Iran, Hamdollah (Hamid) Jafari is an Iranian film director and producer. He studied Cinema at Sooreh University in Tehran and began making films in the early 1990’s. Jafari has been involved in the making of several documentaries. His 2012 documentary Thus Spoke the Yeoman the Union of Cinematographers of Armenia award at the 2015 “Apricot Tree” Ethno Film Festival. His 2015 film The Rock won the Best Short Documentary Award of the Cinema Verite IFF in Tehran. Jafari is a Board Member of the Iranian Association of Documentary Filmmakers.

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  • The Rock

    Directed by Hamid Jafari • 2015 • Iran
    Swathed from head to toe in black, a woman is breaking stones out of a rock wall using a crowbar and her bare hands. For several minutes we watch her prying, pushing, bashing, awkwardly wrestling in her flapping robes, until the block she is after final...

  • The Footage that Disappeared

    نماهایی که ناپدید شد
    Directed by Hamid Jafari • 2010 • Iran
    Inspired by the most important film derived from the magnificent work of three cameramen in the early days of the revolution, Hamid Jafari wants to know what happened to the remaining rushes of “The Pulse of History”.