Hassan Amini

After covering the conflicts in Yugoslavia, Liberia and Somalia in the 90's as a photographer for the Associated Press. Hassan switched to filmmaking. His documentary 'Decadence and Downfall: The Shah's of Iran's Ultimate Party' was nominated for a Grierson Award in 2016, His latest film, Pentamind, recently won Best Documentary at the GENCON Film Festival and will be released in 2021.

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  • Decadence and Downfall: The Shah of Iran's Ultimate Party

    مهمانی بزرگ شاه
    Directed by Hassan Amini • 2016 • Iran
    In 1971, the Shah of Iran, the self-proclaimed 'king of kings', celebrated 2,500 years of the Persian monarchy by throwing the greatest party in history. Money was no object - a lavish tent city, using 37km of silk, was erected in a specially...