Hoda Siahtiri

Hoda Siahtiri is a multidisciplinary artist and researcher based in Brussels. Her artistic and educational background is in cinema and theatre. Hoda holds a Documentary Film Directing master degree from Docnomads. She would like to call herself a "diseuse" who narrates stories and mediates silenced voices in the past. Hoda's artistic work centres on displacement, grief and vocal ancestral heritage. She conducts a PhD research at Sint-Lucas Antwerp and the University of Antwerp on the singing tradition of Bakhtiari women in the west of Iran. Her short films, exhibitions and performances have been shown in different venues and festivals around the globe.

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  • Trees Die Standing

    درختان ایستاده می‌میرند
    Directed by Hoda Siahtiri • 2016 • Iran/Belgium
    After the 1979 Iranian Revolution, intellectuals and artists fled to Western countries, grappling with the challenges of exile. Delving into the memories and letters of Gholam Hosein Saedi, Trees Die Standing mirrors collecti...