Kamran Heidari

Kamran Heidari

Kamran Heidari was born in Gachsaran, near Shiraz, in 1978. He is a freelance documentary filmmaker and photographer, with an interest in street photography, graffiti, and ethno-music. His work focuses on film and photography about the people of Shiraz (Fars province) and the south of Iran.

‘My Name Is Negahdar Jamali and I Make Westerns’ (2012), his first feature medium-length documentary was screened in many festivals around the world, among which Busan International Film Festival and Rotterdam.

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Kamran Heidari
  • None of Your Business

    وا کَس چه
    Directed by Kamran Heidari • 2019 • Iran
    “None of your business ” is a documentary film regarding the life and death of Ebrahim Monsefi, mostly known as Ebram; a popular southern guitar player, singer and poet in Iran who was born 70 years ago in Bandar-Abbas and passed away 50 years af...

  • Ali Aqa

    علی آقا
    Directed by Kamran Heidari • 2017 • Iran
    Seventy-year-old Ali Aqa’s large, fleshy hands shake as he helps a newborn pigeon chick hatch. His pigeons, which he keeps on the roof of his home, mean everything to him. He calls his favorite white pigeon “sweetheart” and even takes her into his ...

  • Dingomaro

    Directed by Kamran Heidari • 2013 • Iran
    Since his Internet hit, “Bad Shans” (hard luck), Hamid Said has become one of the most famous black musicians in Iran. He’s traveling by motorbike across the province of Hormozgan, which is situated in the South of the country on the Persian Gulf...

  • My Name Is Negahdar Jamali And I Make Westerns

    من نگهدار جمالی، وسترن می‌سازم
    Directed by Kamran Heidari • 2012 • Iran
    “My name is John Ford and I make Westerns” this is how John Ford introduced himself at the American Film Directors’ Association gathering. Negahdar Jamali, an Iranian from Shiraz introduced himself the same way when Kamran He...