Kamran Shirdel

Kamran Shirdel

Kamran Shirdel was born in 1939 and studied first architecture and then film at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome. After graduating in 1964, Shirdel returned to Tehran and joined a group of film-makers producing documentaries for the Ministry of Culture. Over the next few years, Shirdel produced six films which frankly analyzed and revealed the dark side of society by making use of a social consciousness familiar from Italian neo-realism. All these films were immediately banned, in certain cases the material was confiscated during production. Shortly after the revolution of 1979, the films and the unedited material were released for a short time and Shirdel was able to finish the films.

For more than 30 years, Kamran Shirdel had to limit his activity to making commissioned films for the industry. Only in 2001, he produced his next author's film, "Solitude Opus 1". In 2000 Shirdel created the Kish Documentary Film Festival which offers a platform to Iranian documentary film-makers.

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Kamran Shirdel
  • Women's Quarter

    Directed by Kamran Shirdel • 1966 • Iran
    The Women's Quarter (Qaleh, 1966) shows the life of prostitutes in Tehran's city brothels, an area known as Shahre Now. The film closely follows a number of women and communicates how the burden of social constraints led them to surrender in the face ...

  • Women's Prison

    Directed by Kamran Shirdel • 1965 • Iran
    Women's Prison (Nedamatgah) (1965), is the first — and least subversive — film made by Kamran Shirdel under the auspices of Organization of The Iranian Women [sic]. Prisoners and their hardships (especially vis-à-vis their children) are juxtaposed...

  • Tehran Is The Capital Of Iran

    تهران پایتخت ایران است
    Directed by Kamran Shirdel • 1966 • Iran
    Tehran Is the Capital of Iran (Tehran Paytakht Iran Ast, 1966-79) documents life in a deprived district in the south of Tehran. The images of destitution in Tehran’s poor areas is accompanied by a variety of spoken accounts: the offi...

  • The Night It Rained

    اون شب که بارون اومد
    Directed by Kamran Shirdel • 1967 • Iran
    The Night It Rained (Oon shab ke baroon oomad - 1967), is a modern-day epic that attempts to retrace the true circumstances of a heroic act in the north-Iranian countryside. One rainy night near the village of Gorgan, a schoolboy disco...

  • Solitude Opus 1

    تنهایی اول
    Directed by Kamran Shirdel • 2002 • Iran
    Waiting for Godot on Kish Island in the Persian Gulf, an island where decay and luxury life are neighbors. A man in his eighties believes that he is still in charge of a complex for alternative forms of energy which was abolished long ago. The p...