Mahmoud Rahmani

Mahmoud Rahmani was born in 1980 in the Southern city of Izeh, Khuzestan Province. He has an honours degree from the First Professional Workshop of the Documentary and Experimental Film Center. He teaches film making in schools and at a professional level. He is active in organizing specialized documentary workshops nationwide too. In 2003, he made his first short film "Gagola" (name of a villager boy in Southern Iran). He made his second short film "Oha" (dragon) in 2004. In 2005, he directed his first documentary "Naft Sepid" named after the city where oil was discovered. The film was well received in Iran and abroad and attended various film festivals such as IDFA, Cinema du Reel, etc. He produced his second documentary film "Zero Degree Orbit" in 2007 and received more than 15 prizes at home and outside Iran. Molf-e Gand is his documentary that is considered as the longest plan in Iranian Cinema.

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  • My Mother Oak

    مادرم بلوط
    Directed by Mahmoud Rahmani • 2010 • Iran
    In the mountains, we acquaint with a person called Asad. He can sing well. His house was flooded by holding back the water of Karoon-3 dam. Because of his interest in the mountains and the jungle, he can’t stay in the city for good, so he somet...

  • Molf-e Gand

    ملف گند
    Directed by Mahmoud Rahmani • 2009 • Iran
    In this one sequence-plan documentary, Mohammad satirically talks about his childhood memories and his strong sixth sense (Molf-e Gand) during the Iran-Iraq war. With his beautiful power of expression, he turns his bittersweet memories into eye-ca...