Mehdi Ganji

Mehdi Ganji was born in Malayer in 1978. He studied cinematography at University. Among his first works are: With You: Moonlight, Iron Wheels, and a TV series Manifestation. His recent films depict the lives of entrepreneurs. This series of documentaries include Employment and Industry, My Mom: Manizheh is a Miner, and All My Identity Papers. The documentary film I Want to be a King is one of Ganji’s best films. It deals with the life of an accidental tourism industry entrepreneur and his relationship with his family. Ganji is an associate member of the Iranian Documentary Filmmakers Association.

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  • Puzzleys

    Directed by Mehdi Ganji • 2018 • Iran
    "Puzzleys" is the name of a four-member group of IT students who, in spite of suitable job opportunities and the opposition expressed by their families, want to start up their own business. Other than their education and determination, all they have ...

  • I Want To Be A King

    می‌خواهم شاه باشم
    Directed by Mehdi Ganji • 2015 • Iran
    Abbas has a dream: a dream that one day, he will be king of a tribe that will be revered by people the world over. The trouble is, he’s got a pretty busy day job. After two German tourists stumbled into his hut in nomadic Iran and left havin...