Mehran Tamadon

Iranian architect and filmmaker Mehran Tamadon arrived in France as a boy of 12, in 1984. In 2000 he returned to Iran, working there for four years as an architect. Since 2002 his career has taken a distinctly artistic turn as a filmmaker. In 2004 he made his first documentary, Behesht Zahra, Mothers of Martyrs. He followed this in 2009 with his first feature-length documentary, Bassidji, about the defenders of the Islamic republic of Iran, which was selected for numerous international festivals. With Iranien he continues his unique approach of engaging in a dialogue with partisans of the Iranian regime. He has also published two essays in Persian (‘Moments of Agony’ and ‘Friendship’).

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  • Bassidji

    Directed by Mehran Tamadon • 2009 • Iran
    In a desert, on a hill, men and women in chadors and children wander through a vast open air "museum" dedicated to the memory of the martyrs of the Iran-Iraq war. It is Iranian New Year and we are close to the Iraqi border. I'm following my guide. He...

  • Iranian

    Directed by Mehran Tamadon • 2014 • Iran
    An atheist, Iranian filmmaker Mehran Tamadon managed to convince four mullahs, all believers in the Islamic Republic of Iran, to come and stay with him for two days and engage in discussion. In this confined space, daily life is combined with debate...