Mohsen Abdolvahab

Before her film The Red Card, she had already made her first documentary Without a Witness in 2000. Her other documentaries include The Ladies’ Room, which focuses on homeless women living in parks. In addition to making documentaries and acting, Afzali has presented the radio program Cinema and Music and she has narrated several documentary films.

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  • Friends At Work

    Directed by Mohsen Abdolvahab • 2017 • Iran
    In 1983, amidst the hardships of post-revolutionary and war-torn Iran, a group of engineering classmates established a steel foundry near the city of Sari, in the North of Iran. Their main goal was to gain income for themselves and at the sa...

  • MAHAK: A World She Founded

    بنیان‌گذار محک
    Directed by Mohsen Abdolvahab • 2017 • Iran
    The life of Saideh Ghods changed completely when her two-year-old daughter Kiana was diagnosed with cancer. As she confronted her daughter’s suffering, she became aware of the suffering of so many impoverished families in hospital corrido...