Pouria Nouri

Pooria Nouri Photographer and documentary filmmaker
Born in 1991 in Bandar Abbas
He started his career as a news photographer, then continued his work as a cinema and theater photographer
2021 Selected Tehran-Mubarak Photo Festival
2021 Selected LensCulture Photos
Directed in movies:
Read me, unheard stories
Pure white (Documentary about Parviz Fanizadeh)

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  • Pure White

    سفید ناب
    Directed by Farnaz Tabrizi, Pouria Nouri • 2021 • Iran
    Pure White explores the professional life of Parviz Fanizadeh, Iranian actor of the 60s and 70s cinema and theatre, through archival footage of his works and referring to his fellow artists.

  • Qelich

    Directed by Pouria Nouri • 2020 • Iran
    Vahid Qelich, the former coach & goalkeeper of popular Iranian Football Club; Persepolis, was, in effect, ousted from football pitches after his golden era.
    He experienced hard days and over time, football fans forgot the honors he brought for his home...