The Never Ending Dance

The Never Ending Dance

رقص ناتمام The Never Ending Dance
The Never Ending Dance is the second instalment of three film collections curated with Rosvaa magazine centering women's stories.
The program explores the challenges of marginalized female artists in the societies in which they live and work.

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The Never Ending Dance
  • Shahrzad's Tale

    قصه شهرزاد
    Directed by Shahin Parhami • 2015 • Iran/Canada/Korea
    Shahrzaad’s Tale is a story of a lost era and a forgotten star of pre-revolutionary Iranian cinema. Shahrzaad is the pseudonym of early 60s popular Iranian actor, also a published writer/poet and Iran's first woman filmmaker. She sa...

  • Nessa

    Directed by Loghman Khaledi • 2012 • Iran
    Nessa is a young woman from Kermanshah who is fighting to progress in her acting and artistic career. Nessa's family prevents her from reaching her goal because of the conservative environment. The film in the cinema vérité style follows Nessa in her ...