Three by Arman Gholipour Dashtaki

Three by Arman Gholipour Dashtaki

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Three by Arman Gholipour Dashtaki
  • Khoniyar`s Children

    In a small village in Iran, four siblings, all over 70 and never married, live together. The villagers shun them, as they believe they are doomed, damned or both, leaving the brothers and sisters to live out their lives in solitude.

  • Zari

    Zari is a rural woman who lives in Western Iran. When she was 11 years old, her parents forced her to marry a 25-year-old man – the beginning of her challenging life. She is different from other rural women though: she drives a pickup truck and distributes gas to 16,000 villagers.

  • Beyond the fence

    Behnaz is a talented football player. Her dream is to play for the Iranian football team and in the European leagues. But being a girl and living in a small town in Iran presents difficulties.